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Getting Started for Java Developers

Type 4 direct-to-database driver
The Advantage JDBC Driver is a high-performance type 4 JDBC driver that provides native access to Advantage Database Server through any Java-enabled applet, application or application server. The driver is written for the Java environment, allowing developers to incorporate Java technology and extend the functionality and performance of their existing systems.

The Advantage JDBC Driver is a powerful tool for Java developers building applications that access Advantage Database Server, a client/server solution that provides high performance, stability and scalability to multi-user applications. The Advantage JDBC Driver has been designed to allow Java developers to maintain the industry-standard, independent connectivity between Java applications and Advantage Database Server.

The Advantage JDBC Driver is JDBC 2.0-compliant and passes 100 percent of the relevant JDBC CTS tests, and it facilitates a fast link between Advantage, Java IDEs and applications. The Advantage JDBC Driver is written completely in Java and is self-contained within one distributable module. No other Advantage client piece is needed for the Advantage JDBC Driver to communicate to the Advantage Database Server.

More Information

  • Type 4 JDBC driver
  • JDBC 2.0 compliant
  • Native access to Advantage Database Server
  • Certified for Java Runtime Environment 1.3 or greater
  • Supports data encryption for enhanced security
  • Supports full read-committed transaction processing
  • SQL grammar support for most of the ANSI SQL-92 standard
  • Provides access to ADT and DBF file formats
  • Supports updateable and scroll sensitive result sets (live cursor)
  • Provides query progress information and query cancellation capability

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