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Getting Started for Visual Basic Developers

Full scalability - write once, deploy anywhere
Getting started with Advantage Database and Microsoft Visual Basic is easy. In most cases, VB developers will access Advantage via the Advantage OLE DB Provider.

Advantage OLE DB Provider
The high-performance Advantage OLE DB Provider offers native data access to the Advantage Database Server and Advantage Local Server directly or via ADO. The Advantage OLE DB Provider creates a seamless interface between the Advantage Database Server or Advantage Local Server and any development environment that can use ADO or OLE DB directly, including Visual Basic, Access, Visual C++, Delphi, C++Builder, Visual FoxPro and Visual Studio .NET. The Advantage OLE DB Provider enables easy and reliable access to business-critical data for local, peer-to-peer, client/server, distributed and Web-based applications. It also: 

  • Provides native client/server access to the high-performance Advantage Database Server RDBMS
  • Supports SQL commands with both the Advantage Database Server and Advantage Local Server
  • Requires no other database engines (Jet, MSDE, BDE, ODBC, etc.)
  • Includes full server-based transaction processing to eliminate database corruption, drastically minimizing support costs
  • Provides complete referential integrity support including primary/foreign key definition and cascaded updates and deletes
  • Includes database security functionality and encryption support
  • Makes triggers available to provide a powerful means to maintain business rules at the database level — independent of the client application
  • Ships with support for direct Advantage access via low-level Advantage Client Engine API functions

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