Database Server

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Advantage Database Server klijenti i alati

A complete data management system for Advantage developers
Experience the only .NET Data Provider with relational access AND navigational operations

The most comprehensive component set available. Easy development and deployment.

Advantage JDBC Driver
A high-performance type 4 JDBC driver

Full scalability allows you to write once, deploy anywhere

Advantage OLE DB Provider (for ADO)
Full server-based transaction processing that eliminates database corruption and drastically minimizes support costs

Advantage Perl DBI Driver
The Advantage Perl DBI Driver is a Perl module that provides SQL access to the Advantage Database Server.

Advantage PHP Extension
Create high-performance, dynamically generated Web sites

Advantage CA-Clipper RDDs
Flexible architecture that grows with your development needs

Advantage CA-Visual Objects RDDs
Full scalability with one set of source code

A custom-designed Windows or Linux Application Programming Interface created to provide access to DBF tables or Advantage proprietary ADT tables using the Advantage Database Server or Advantage Local Server

A native interface to the Advantage Database Server and Advantage Local Server for the Crystal Decisions Crystal Reports tool

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