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About Advantage Database Server (Nontechnical Fact Sheet)
This fact sheet is a simple guide for the nontechnical reader taking a very high-level approach to the ins and out of a database and the key differences between the Advantage Local Server and the Advantage Database Server. dalje

A First Look at Advantage Database Server
The Advantage Database Server is a high-performance, relational database server that simultaneously supports optimized set-based SQL, as well as a blinding-fast, index-based navigational model. Its low per-seat cost, ease of deployment, and very low maintenance requirements makes it particularly well suited for vertical market applications, especially those where the deployed sites lack the IT infrastructure required to maintain normal database servers. dalje

Embedding Succes With Advantage Database Server
As an application provider – ISV, OEM, VAR – your continued growth and profitability depend on bringing your products to market faster and more cost-effectively. Your reputation depends on customers being able to deploy your application right out of the box, quickly and easily to begin producing positive business results. Industry analysts, veteran developers and other software industry experts agree that the best way to address these
requirements is to devote your internal resources to core application development tasks and competencies while dealing with your data management requirements by embedding a proven, high-performance, full-featured data management system. dalje

Creating a Highly Available Database Solution
Information makes today's businesses run. Often, businesses need access to important information 24x7. Applications that manipulate this data have become mission critical and thus storing and management of this data is critical. dalje

Advantage Database Server Scalability (Technical Brief)
While Advantage Database Server is ideal for client-server applications deployed to small and medium-sized businesses, it can also run high-traffic web sites that support hundreds of customers. With Advantage, web developers have the flexibility to combine powerful SQL access with the performance and control of navigational commands providing optimized data access methods unmatched by any other database. dalje

Advantage Database Server Hardware Requirements Planning (Technical Brief)
While many database servers seem to require greater and more costly hardware with every release, the Advantage Database Server has extremely low hardware requirements. Advantage will install on nearly all Windows, Linux, and NetWare server operating systems. Designed for Independent Software Vendors, the server’s 8 MB installation can be easily integrated with an application install CD or downloaded over the web. For a typical 150-user installation, the program directory for Advantage is less than five MB and out-of-the-box static RAM requirements are less than 8 MB. dalje

Migrating From Microsoft Access Jet Database Engine to Advantage
Although converting from the Microsoft Access Jet engine to ADS is remarkably easy there are several steps you must perform. Some of these steps are common to all development environments while others are specific to a particular development tool. There are three tasks common to all development environments. dalje

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